Create an Online Directory with WP GeoDirectory

WP GeoDirectory is a leading WordPress directory plugin that enables users to easily create an online directory, which can be monetized in various ways. Creating an online directory is the first step to generating revenue from it. With WP GeoDirectory, users can install and enable the plugin, and use it to build a directory website by following a detailed guide on how to create a directory website with WordPress.

Users can also explore different use cases for directory websites, such as creating a real estate listings directory, a restaurant directory with a marketplace for orderable menu items, or an Airbnb-like listings page. Once the directory website is set up, there are several ways to monetize it.

Users can sell premium listings by using the Pricing Manager add-on for GeoDirectory, which allows them to offer more details for users to create more meaningful connections. Premium listings can also be set to be “featured” and displayed in prominent places on the website.

Selling advertising space on the website is another way to monetize the directory. Users can display and monetize ads from Google AdSense, Ezoic, or Mediavine on their site by using the GeoDirectory Advertising add-on. They can also sell ad space directly to users on their website, allowing them to buy ads to display on one or more advertising zones.

Users can also set a price for businesses to claim their listings by upgrading to a premium listing, which allows them to add a longer/better description, more pictures, links to their website and social media accounts, and whatever custom fields the owner makes available.

Event organizers can sell tickets by extending the GeoDirectory Events Directory using the Events Ticket Marketplace add-on. Users can also sell products through their listings on the website by using the GeoMarketplace add-on, WooCommerce, and MultiVendorX, which allows users to set their commission rate on sales.

Affiliate links can be used to monetize listings or blog posts on the directory website. Users can create affiliate links for products or services from companies such as Amazon Associates, CJ, ShareASale, and Clickbank. Additionally, businesses interested in leads can buy leads generated when customers contact a business through a listing on the directory website.

Finally, users can offer extra services for listings to generate additional revenue. Digital marketing services, such as building an actual website, social media management, search engine optimization, videography and photography, website or listing copywriting, and management of ads and reputation, can all be sold to businesses submitting free or paid listings to the directory.

Once the directory website reliably generates sales every month, users can sell it on websites such as,, or The profit from the sale can be used to start a new project, similar to how Elon Musk sold Zip2 to fund and eventually PayPal. Overall, using a WordPress business directory plugin such as WP GeoDirectory can help users build and monetize their directory to generate extra revenue.

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