Web Marketing: How to Make it Work for Your Brand (2018)

Getting your site seen by your target audience is very possible when you’re using web marketing. However, you need the right techniques to get the results you desire. It takes a carefully designed strategy to have a successful campaign.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still missing out on the benefits of web marketing because they lack the knowledge of how effective it can be. There are millions of sites on the web and thousands within your industry. Getting seen becomes exceedingly impossible if you’re not using the right methods.

In this video, we discuss some of the ways you can make web marketing work for your brand. This includes tips for using it in a way that’ll attract your target audience. With a mix of basic marketing techniques, you can develop a winning campaign for your web marketing.

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Video Script:

There are currently over 966 million websites online today. How do you make your website stand out when there are so many options available?

In the following video, we’ll go over tips for using web marketing to stand out from the crowd.

What Are You Really Selling?

Successful brands know that web marketing isn’t just about selling a product, it’s about selling a fantasy.

Makeup doesn’t sell makeup, it sells the idea of being beautiful and desirable.

Restaurants aren’t selling food, they’re selling a convenience to a busy mom or a place to make new memories with friends.

Once you know what you’re selling, you can start to brainstorm on what web marketing tactics best suit your product.

Focus on What Makes You Different

One mistake companies often make is not focusing on what makes them unique. Even worse, some companies try to blend in with everyone else.

Instead of branding yourself as one of a countless other companies offering the same product or service, find a niche.

If you’re an independently owned bike shop, stop wasting time trying to make your website look like it’s competing with Sports Authority.

Focus on what makes you different. Consumers love authenticity.

Establish Your Target Market

Once you’ve established what it is you’re selling, it’s time to figure out your niche. This means picking specific segments of the population that you can market to.

Let’s take that makeup line for example.

Is your anti-aging foundation something that people can’t get enough of? Market to baby-boomers looking to get ahead of the aging curve.

Do you make glitter eyeshadow in every shade of the rainbow? Then focus on millennials, drag enthusiasts, and ravers.

Do you make cruelty free paraben-free shampoo that makes your hair smell amazing? Focus on vegan blogs, festivals, and farm-to-table buying, socially conscious types.

Aligning and Partnering with Brands

Finding brands that align with yours can be a great entry point for gaining a larger audience. The key is to find brands that are similar but not competition.

Even better, you should look for influencers in your industry to connect with.

If you’re a lingerie company this means maybe reaching out to an Instagram model whose style matches up with your brand.

Maybe that model would be willing to partner with you on a capsule collection she can promote to her millions of followers in exchange for a piece of the profits.

Continue to Engage Your Audience

Once you’ve mastered web marketing, how do you continue to engage your new audience?

How do you make sure your customers come back to your site again and again?

One option is to create exclusive content for your website.

Giving the customer something they can’t get anywhere else is always a great way to attract prospects. For example, you can create video content that shows your customers behind the scenes access to your company.

Whatever type of content you use, make sure to keep your website updated and exciting.

You have everything you need to take your brand to the next level. All it takes is a little ingenuity, marketing expertise, and planning.

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