Turbo Automotive Email Marketing: Sell More Vehicles With This Fresh Perspective

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If I say “Email Marketing” are you thinking about technology, or are you thinking more of it as an art form for communications? Should I dare say, like a musical instrument…

Now don’t worry; this is not another boring blog about email open rates, click-throughs, personalization, segmentation, and the oh-so-scary compliance. There are already plenty of great content on the subject, including some quality pieces we have curated through our social media channels.

No, this video is more my effort to help you “stand on your desk” so you can look at email marketing from a different perspective, and with a fresh set of eyes.

Why Should You Look At Email Marketing From A Different Angle?
If you’re an automotive marketing professional, you would be crazy to dismiss email as a communication tool for your dealership. It is still, in 2018, in the top 3 most effective channel to drive visits to your dealership website, and the most effective digital technique to generate sales; so keeping informed about the latest trends in the industry is paramount.

But while having a good understanding of email techniques and best practices is critical, failing to understand that email marketing is an art form that requires practice and finesse will be detrimental to any email strategy and will prevent you from achieving your communications goals.

For this reason, I would like you to imagine, for an instant, email marketing as a piano or a guitar. You probably know many people who own one of these instruments, but I’m sure that not all of them are great pianist or guitarist. I cringe at the idea of visiting a few of my relatives who always seem to find a way to force me to listen to them play, while I try to hide the grimaces on my face everytime they hit a wrong note. You probably have a few acquaintances of your own that like to trap you in the same way, right?

So we both agree: owning a musical instrument doesn’t necessarily make you a great musician, able to move people and evoke strong emotions while playing. Same goes for email marketing; it’s not because you own an email marketing software or solution that it makes you a great email marketer!

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