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Do you know how much CEO pay has skyrocketed since 1978? 100%? 500%? Try 1460%!

Have you ever wondered how much CEO pay has increased over the last few decades? Well, prepare to be shocked. According to Robert Reich, former U. S. Labor Secretary and economist, CEO pay has skyrocketed a whopping 1460% since 1978! That’s right – not 100%, not even 500%, but an almost unbelievable increase that is…

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Robert Reich Pinpoints Wealthy Tax Cuts as a Key Driver of U.S. Deficit, Calls for Fairer Taxation

Renowned economist and political commentator Robert Reich recently shed light on one of the predominant causes behind the mounting U.S. deficit, debunking common misconceptions surrounding its origins. Reich, the former Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration and a prominent public policy professor at the University of California, Berkeley, shared his insights in a video…