The Only SEO Strategy You Need (2018)

Wondering how to rank on the 1st page of Google? You need a complete SEO strategy.

In this video, I’m going to show you my 4 Pillar SEO strategy that will get you to the first page of Google in 2018.

The key to succeeding with SEO is to have a big picture strategy. You can know all the tactics in the world, but if you don’t have a STRATEGY or process, you won’t be able to get results consistently.

This video gives you the process and framework you need to be successful.


– How to Building Backlinks in 2018 ➡️

– The Definitive Anchor Text Guide ➡️

– 21 Examples of Perfect SEO Content ➡️

– Relevancy Pyramid ➡️

– WP Engine (20% Discount on 1st Month) ➡️

– Twitter ➡️

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21 Replies to “The Only SEO Strategy You Need (2018)”

  1. Ruan M. Marinho

    A 45 minute banger – excellent work as always Nathan

    1. Nathan Gotch

      Thanks dude!

  2. Nathan Gotch

    Thanks for watching this monster video!

    ❗️Reminder: if you want free lifetime access to Gotch SEO Academy 2.0 (opens June 26th), please subscribe, like, comment, and share this video.

    I’ll pick the winner (the most active person) on May 29th 👍

    1. Matt Wu

      If we have already enrolled in the current Gotch SEO Academy, do we need to purchase the access for 2.0?

  3. danishkhatri88

    Great video mate!

    1. Nathan Gotch

      Thank you!

  4. Muhammad Danish Khatri

    The awesome information with complete details, Easy to make the checklist for FIX problems.

    1. Nathan Gotch

      Thanks man

  5. These Wise Feet

    I’ve been looking for a technical SEO course for ages! So many SEO’s have taken my money and underdelivered on their promise. I still do “SEO”, but I’m still clueless about technical SEO! I could really use this course Nathan!

    1. Nathan Gotch

      I know how you feel!

      I dedicate a lot of time to technical SEO in Gotch SEO Academy, so make sure you sign up for the waitlist ➡️

    2. These Wise Feet

      Done! Looking forward to more awesome information like this!

      It’s interesting how you chose to tackle “Technical SEO” first, when all other SEO’s tackle keyword research and content creation before ever getting to technical SEO. I’ve heard people say that SEO is technical.

      Is the industry now shifting away from the technical side (I call it ”the dark side”) of SEO? Especially with the huge emphasis on content these days?

  6. Suhail Agha

    Great vid! Power packed 45 mins.

    1. Nathan Gotch

      Thanks Suhail!

  7. Nigga Nags

    Do, or do not, there is no try.

    1. Nathan Gotch


  8. Doorwins Group

    Gotcha SEO academy please!!!! I’ve liked commented and shared

  9. Jimmy Sandhu

    SEO academy please Gotchi ol’ pal , Subbed liked commented from all 3 of my channels

    1. Jimmy Sandhu

      And shared

  10. These Wise Feet

    Timestamp Of The Entire Video:
    (0:21) Pillar #1 – Please Your Users
    (4:39) How To Optimize Your Site’s Loading Speed
    (7:44) How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
    (9:47) 3 Objectives To Improve Site Architecture
    (11:52) How To Fix Broken Links And 404 Errors
    (15:26) How To Fix Redirect Issues (301, 302 And Redirect Chains)
    (18:59) How To Find And Fix Thin Content (Common E-Commerce Issue)
    (20:42) How To Find And Fix Duplicate Content (Common E-Commerce Issue)
    (21:45) Pillar #2 – How To Satisfy Search Intent (3 Keyword Research Methods + 5 Ways To Qualify Keyword Ideas)
    (29:08) How To Develop Search Intent Strategy (1 Easy-To-Follow Method)
    (31:00) Process Of Creating A Keyword Targeted Page (3 Effective Strategies)
    (36:15) Pillar #3 – How To Promote & Build Backlinks To Your Keyword Targeted Page (6 Tips + Complete Guide In Description)
    (41:20) Pillar #4 – How To Amplify Your Website (Build Remarketing & Email Lists Through Lead Magnets + Internal Links)

    I definitely suggest going through this entire video if you’re new to SEO. But for those of you who don’t have the time and just want to learn about a specific topic (my favorites were Pillars#1 and #2) that Nathan talks about, I hope this time stamp helps.

    1. Nathan Gotch

      Wow! Very helpful. Thank you 👍

  11. Aaron Vigil

    Okay so I’m setting up a domain that I purchased in auction and I’m setting it up as a niche site, but what’s the best way to set it up because some really powerful links are NOT going to the homepage, so do I 301 those pages to the homepage? I’m confused…

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