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15 Replies to “The Future of Social Media Marketing Keynote”

  1. The Fabsisters

    nice work


    thanks Carlos for posting this video

  3. Nazim Beltran

    Thanks for posting! Great presentation.

  4. Deepak Shukla

    Fantastic vid; genuinely like it. Looking forward to viewing some more 🙂

  5. Michael Guberti

    intriguing content. What’s your prediction about the growth of social media?

    This highlights some fiscal uses for these well-known platforms.

  6. Ken Pritchett

    Well articulated presentation, with lot’s of great takeaways.

  7. Eric Alonzo Lee

    Great video Carlos. Thank You!

  8. Patricia S

    A great share – thanks Carlos. 🙂

  9. Simon Bromfield

    great presentation, a little bit of channeling Gary V ? and that’s not smack talk…

    1. Carlos Gil

      +Simon Bromfield Thanks! I look up to +Gary Vaynerchuk  a lot 🙂

  10. Tia Trees

    Loved it!

  11. Carlos Gil

    Digital, social, and mobile media is no longer an option – it’s the link between you and your customers. #RealTalk

  12. Carlos Gil

    Today’s customer has evolved and they have more accessibility than ever before. #RealTalk #marketing #keynote

  13. Chef Lizette

    Great job Carlos! 🙂

    1. Carlos Gil

      Thank you! 

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