Spy on competitors, behavioural psychology, research tools & more – Growth Insights #12

The Growth Insights series is back and bigger than ever! In this Episode we’re going to focus on Spying on competitors, behavioural psychology, research tools and much more. This episode will be packed with tools and research!

We’ve been obsessed with psychographic personas, content ideas, competitor analysis, web design, sales stacks, AMP, and so much more.

For 2018, Growth Insights is going to get bigger and more frequent so be sure to subscribe if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest Growth Hacking & Marketing Tools, Techniques and Tips.

Check out the links below for the tools and articles mentioned in the video 👇

0.45 crayon.co
1.08 Webscore.ai
3.36 (just read article 2)
7.21 How to Create Video Content Ideas


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20 Replies to “Spy on competitors, behavioural psychology, research tools & more – Growth Insights #12”

  1. Norberts Erts

    Total score for cake.hr — 6.12 😛
    Total score for blog.cake.hr — 8.32 B)

  2. Rafael Minas

    This channel blew my mind!

  3. Christopher Vong

    That was really informative. I agree with the information and found it extremely useful! On another note , I did some research and found this that has helped me boost my instagram growth which is great as they have a $1 Trial! 🙂

  4. Victor Stankov

    Yo you didn’t share the weird Reddit Lectures, I wanna see!

  5. Mahmoud Hassan

    this is important video

  6. magicmonkey

    the end caught me off guard, seems like david is human after all

  7. Zapetlona

    I was looking for a page like visualping, and during my research I’ve found wachete.com and instantly fell in love – it allows to check pages more often, and you can see changes in pdf or dynamic pages as well 😀 Check it out!

  8. Timucin Cakir

    Great content again guys!! Thanks 😉

  9. Krishna Rg

    Hey GT team,

    On what basis do you qualify the tools to feature on your videos?

    Awaiting response☺️

    1. Krishna Rg

      I would love to reach out to one of you guys☺️

      What’s your best email id?

    2. Growth Tribe

      Our team gives us recommendations on their latest finds 😉

  10. Stef Traa

    Great video guys, Talk to Books would have made my time at university a lot easier!

  11. Roméo Léon

    Love this series, great tools, great info, in short the perfect format !
    I scored 8.48 on webscore !
    Come check our website () we’re working in A.I applied to photography 🙂

  12. Paolo Campagnoli

    Love this!!!

  13. Luke Johnson

    Awesome episode yet again!

  14. Bernardo F N

    I really liked the suggestion of Talk to Books! Thanks

  15. Camiel Roex

    Again, very valuable insights and some tools that i will definitely check out. Especially the new semrush features

  16. Growth Tribe

    Missed episode 11? Watch it here >

  17. greenspectrum

    Love the insight series. So growth-esque. Fast-paced, packed with info, gives you that startup rush!

  18. Checkbot for Chrome

    Thanks for the mention of ! 😄

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