Social Media Marketing World 2018 Adventures #SMMW18

Social Media Marketing World 2018 Adventures #SMMW // March started with a huge trip for me… I got to goto Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. It was so much fun being able to break out my business suits and start networking with the big boys of the industry.

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17 Replies to “Social Media Marketing World 2018 Adventures #SMMW18”

  1. Desiree Martinez

    It was a great learning experience! Would you like to goto SMMW?

  2. Oscar Gonzalez

    LOL at the scooter stuff. It was a great event!

    BTW, I added your video to the #SMMW playlist I have going on if you want to check it out:

    1. Desiree Martinez

      Ever been on a scooter? They’re fun!

  3. As Lovely

    Wow , that looks an amazing experience X🙂

    1. As Lovely

      Oh I hope you had a lovely over Easter . Chocolate 🍫 was amazing lint bunnies and eggs all the way yum yum 😋 was you chocolate nice and did you do an Easter egg hunt ?

    2. Desiree Martinez

      It was manic with the kids and the hubby 🙂

      How was the chocolate?

    3. As Lovely

      Yes Easter start but there is all this chocolate around the house which is bad for my diet ! How’s your Easter ?

    4. Desiree Martinez

      Having a good start to your Easter?

    5. As Lovely

      Thank you for the heads up il check out the website . Also awaiting your next great video x🙂

  4. TYTD Review

    Looks like you had an awesome trip! 🙂 that airport looked amazing! :O I used to do cons up until a couple of years ago and I always found them very welcoming and high energy 🙂 I’d always have a right laugh xD

    1. Desiree Martinez

      I guess that makes it much more hands on ad personal tho?

      How was your Easter Friday?

    2. TYTD Review

      I’ve always wanted to hit SDCC I’ve just never had the chance or funds sadly xD a couple of years ago they did a massive haul of “Con exclusives” based on the Friday the 13th horror films; I’d have given a kidney to have gone to that one! but sadly it wasnt to be…it’s on my bucket list though…London Film and comic con is probably the biggest one I’ve ever been to and that was absolutely mad…we brits dont handle heat too well and it was pushing 40 degrees celcius in london that day…god bless the people who turned up in giant heavy plastic/metal cosplay it was astounding to see them keep going xD…the smallest con I’ve ever been to had about 50 people in attendence and 10 of them were guests. it was run out of tiny chapel in the middle of nowhere at the end of the day the celebrity guests there pretty much offered to club together and buy everyone still in attendence a pint at the local pub xD

    3. Desiree Martinez

      TYTD Review as nerdom has gotten bigger comic cons have grown some that were smaller are now just massive. But they are still fun. Sdcc is next level though.

    4. TYTD Review

      ahh its nice to hear from an insider! I’ve never been to America but all the promotional stuff that tends to come out of these conventions at SDCC and likes usually show them to be absolutely jam packed! In the UK we have 2 kinds of conventions theres the typical big and massive affair where you cant even walk at a normal speed theres that many people crammed in and then theres a massively smaller type of convention usually run out of community centers, school halls or churches that have maybe half a dozen special guests and a few table tops. its a lot more personal and a lot easier to network/talk to the guests 🙂

    5. Desiree Martinez

      TYTD Review it was weird being at the San Diego conversation center not for sdcc. I’ve gone a few times and it always seemed soooooo empty to me at some. Lol

  5. Alan Spicer - YouTube Tips & Tricks

    Looks like fun 🙂

    1. Desiree Martinez

      It was great fun! I made my video editor cry!

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