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TPM Focus Marketing () for Small Businesses is now officially open to the world! Previously, TPM Focus ( only helped clients from our business strategy division with their social media. But after we received ongoing requests to continue managing their social media after our strategy work was completed, we realized that many business owners struggle with the same issue—being consistent and engaging on social media.

What Does TPM Focus Marketing Do?
Our only focus is to make sure social media works for growing your business. There are a few ways we do this:

We help you

Just because you have a social media account doesn’t mean that people know you exist. We make sure you are actually seen by creating engaging posts, conversing with your audience, and being there live, in the right place, at the right time.

We help you

There’s nothing effective about automated posts that sound nothing like you or the culture of your business. People want to feel like they know you—the REAL you. We help you build customer relationships by carrying your authentic brand into all of the content created.

We help you

Getting attention online these days is HARD WORK! It’s crowded and you’ve got to stand out. We help you overcome this by connecting with the right partners, influencers, and complementary voices in your industry.

We help you

Social Media and Business
Every business owner says they want to grow their business and increase revenues (make more money!) and today’s most effective way to reach your customers is by using social media. Just because you don’t have time for managing your social media doesn’t mean that you don’t want to grow your business right? Many times it’s a hard decision to hire professionals to do the work, but when you realize the ROI from turning over the task to us, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do it.

If you’re busy, chances are you don’t have time to consistently post on social media. And we know from experience that consistency is one of the most important parts of marketing success. We’ll assure all your accounts post and engage consistently.

Simply put, your business will grow with the right strategy and consistency in using the technology tools available through social media. Social media activity is an investment in your company that results in more business and loyal customers. There’s no reason to wait until you are overwhelmed and further behind the technology curve. Get in the game or be left behind. Click here to learn more and get started today.

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TPM Focus, LLC is a multidisciplinary business consulting firm advising owners of startups and small businesses. We are the trusted source that helps companies startup and small businesses grow their operations using our innovative business strategies. We step in as, what we call, the ‘Interim COO’, assisting with overall business strategy that connects marketing, sales, technology, and finances. Although our role is temporary, the impact is lasting and companies select us whenever they need structure, specialized skill sets, and an objective, new way of thinking and operating. Think of it as having a Chief Operating Officer and expert team that steps in when you need them most. That’s us!

We have 100+ years of executive experience in corporate industries so we combine the corporate knowledge and strategies with the scrappiness and innovation of the lean startup methodology to create the perfect collaboration with our clients.

How You Benefit
There’s a significant impact on your business when you work with us because you’ll have access to deeper levels of expertise than you could afford to have on staff as full-time employees. The best part is that you can access our business consulting services only when you need them and not incur the ongoing expense of having an expert(s) in-house on your payroll. Our services include step-by-step direction on business marketing, sales, technology, and tying it all together with a strategy that assures you reach your financial business goals. Imagine having marketing, sales, technology, finance, and strategy experts on your payroll full-time. For most small businesses the expense would be financially inconceivable to maintain year-round. It’s okay, you don’t need to. You can count on us when you need us.

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