SEO 2018 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)

Looking to learn 2018 SEO techniques that really work? Tired of wasting your time learning useless information that’s been repeated over and over? Today you learn something different and new.

My name is Chase Reiner and my goal here is to show you what’s possible for you as an SEO in 2017. In this tutorial (Part 1) I cover many topics briefly so that you know what’s going on in 2017. The following tutorials will encompass a more refined scope into how to implement certain strategies we discuss here.

Here’s what we touch on:

Ranking Signals: What matters these days? Google is taking into account user experience signals much more heavily these days. Why? Because it wants to give it’s people what they are looking for!

We cover other ranking signals as well such as links, citations, social signals, branding, on page seo, etc.

Back Link Building: back link building is of course still a thing! Google love to see links but should you be spending your time back link building or focusing on other efforts?

On Page SEO: We discuss the anatomy of a page with perfect SEO and how to implement amazing search engine optimization into our own campaigns.

Off Page SEO: We discuss where this time should be spent.

SEO Tools: I briefly cover some of the tools I use and I walk you through a sick tool called SEO profiler to perfect your on page SEO.

Semantic Indexing: We talk about how Google semantically ranks pages and why that’s important.

SEM: I talk about why search engine marketing should be considered in 2018.

Visual Marketing: I point out that visual marketing is trending unlike ever before and we should definitely spend our time optimizing our websites with media.

SMO: I discuss how social media optimization can be helpful to businesses these days.

Content Marketing: Content marketing can either be outsourced or done in house depending on your knowledge or time frame.

Social Media Automation: SMA is huge these days and the people who are doing it right are making tons of connections in a very short amount of time.

Site Indexing: We talk about how Google indexes sites in 2018 with it’s new mobile first update.

Local SEO: We discuss different ranking factors and techniques for ranking locally.

SEO Leaders: We talk about who to follow and who to listen to when it comes to online marketing.

Email Marketing: We talk about email outreach and I show you some automation tools that I personally use.

Link Siloing: We talk about site link structures and passing link juice to the pages that matter on our sites.

External and internal linking: We talk about when it’s important and how frequently we should be linking throughout our pages and articles.

OG Data: We discuss how to optimize or edit open graph data to be more visually appealing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Where To Learn SEO: I give you some hints and tricks on where to go about learning white hat SEO techniques.

Understanding KPI’s: I tell you how important it is to figure out your key performance indicators.
Black Hat SEO: I talk about how it’s important to learn 2018 black hat seo to better understand white hat SEO.

Site Infrastructure and Content Layouts: Having a well structured site with content that makes since is super important to having Google better understand what it is you’re trying to rank for. That means having a Home, about, services, contact, terms of service, privacy policy, and whatever else page you’re going to need to send those on page signals to Google.

Schema Markup: We briefly cover the important of Schema data and how it can help improve your click through rates which will correlate to higher organic SERP rankings.

SEO Best Practices: We talk about how to go about doing SEO without over optimizing your pages.

Keyword Density: We talk about how having too high of a keyword density in certain scenarios can be bad.

Review Generation: We discuss the important of reviews and how they can effect your position on Google and even your conversion rate.

CRO: We don’t talk too much about conversion rate optimization other then the importance of having low bounce rates as user who are pogo sticking back to the search results and clicking / converting with your competitors are sending signals to Google saying you’re site isn’t as relevant as your competition.

If you guys liked what I have to say or would like to contact me for any reason please send me a email at

If you want to continue learning this stuff please check out my other tutorials where I show you how I do local SEO, blog seo, and other social media marketing techniques.

I will make sure to update this guide with a part two once I see more specifically how you all respond and what you’re looking to learn moving forward with 2018 SEO. I could continue in a number of ways whether it be PPC advertising, SMM, CRO, A/B split testing, podcasting, local seo techniques for 2018, etc.

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  1. Roxanne Dyer

    Hello Chase, Even though I would like to, I don’t publish my videos on Youtube anymore because they always attach a notice that says I’m using someone’s else’s content which is not true. I’m an artist; I create, produce all my own content & purchase the rights for any music that is used in my videos. What can be done about this? Great video, thanks. Roxanne

  2. Laurence Newton

    Would be great to see some slides or something onscreen for us visual learners. I’m 7 minutes in and i’m having trouble keeping track of what you’ve discussed.

    1. Angelina Ballerina

      Chase Reiner SEO if you were trying to rank your own local service (plumber) and had limited budget, which ONE program would you start with initially for SEO (on page and off page) ?? I can’t afford all these expensive programs πŸ™

    2. Steff Peeters

      Take notes

    3. Chase Reiner SEO

      I got you covered:

  3. Eric O'Connell

    Really appreciate that information, Chase. Seems like you know what you’re talking about.

  4. Samuel Shine

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  5. Fred Wied

    Hey Chase, thanks for this video πŸ™‚ I learned some things that will enhance my knowledge going forward.

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  8. omar manik

    brother where is your affiliate SEO tutorial

  9. William Hulsey

    Thanks so much, Chase. You are an excellent teacher and a delightful watch. Having looked at all you’ve posted on YouTube, I believe that you are making a true difference in educating us on SEO and other ways to help our businesses. Please keep going. We all benefit from your work.

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  11. Andrew Cannon

    How do you feel about SEO now without net neutrality

  12. Rosendo Cuyasen Jr

    There is a lot of things to consider in SEO but I recommend for the starters to create a blog and write something that other people might be interested with then you will see how SEO works for you.

  13. Apex1 Productions

    Man your stuff is good I’m I’m just learning all this I never thought it was so in depth. Will be binge watching all your videos for sure

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Nice, thanks, Apex! Let me know what you think!

  14. Allen Edison

    you lost me when you used word “huge”

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      I can’t remember that so I don’t know how to respond haha.

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      Thanks Nikolai for the feedback

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    SEO 2018 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)

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      Thank you for this, it was much needed

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  22. evadesc

    If you learn everything in this complete guide is it good enough to start a seo business and make an income? What other guides (paid or free) would you recommend for a newbie to learn before starting a seo business?

  23. Jesse Murdock

    Could you make a post about the automation tools you use for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

    1. Jesse Murdock

      awesome chase, thank you. do you ever host work shops, im in tje sf bay area, and i ask because im becoming depressed trying to get an seo client πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Chase Reiner SEO

      Sure thing I created an entire playlist for this:

  24. M A Khayer

    Thanks for the great video. can you please write the name of tools to inspect a site.

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Here ya go:

  25. JeffRoom

    Hey man, thanks alot for the awesome content you give out! I’m a 15 y/o artist struggling with school because I spend my time learning about business, self-improvement and creating my art. Currently learning how to promote myself better and how to make money online. You’re helping alot with your content! Thanks again, man.

    Rock on!

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Thanks Jeff! You should keep me posted in our SEO group on how you’re doing.

  26. Steve W

    Hey Chase, awesome video. I work for an SEO company that does local SEO but am looking to branch out on my own. I have so many questions but a big one I am hoping you can answer is, how important are geographic locations in title tags? Are they necessary? or should title tags be focused on keywords and a compelling statement to entice users to click.


    1. mARK Articles

      Hi Steve, are looking for content writers to help you with your SEO work? If so, contact me at

    2. Chase Reiner SEO

      So if you’re going local, I would make sure to include the area you’re targeting, but also include qualifiers to entice clicks. Qualifiers are unique CTA’s in your titles that will make people want to click on your organic listing. For example, “Movers + “Target City” + Five Star Reviews” Hope that helps.

  27. Melissa Capps

    Amazing… thank you so much!

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Thanks Melissa!

  28. Karl Anders

    fake negative google my business reviews have hit my business website rankings. If google are going to use “social signals” for ranking they should make sure it’s not possible to leave fake 1 star reviews for businesses.

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      I know, this is a bummer, but you can combat this with massive review generation via FB groups.

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  32. Reinaldo Ramos

    Quick question. I know it’s a bit of topic for this specific video but when it comes to all of this link building. Let’s say I link my restaurant website to my restaurants twitter Bio. If I post something on twitter and people comment on it and share it is that considered back linking do to the fact that the twitter account has the website linked to it? Or do I have to put the actual URL on every content I post so that the URL physically spreads aswell?

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Not really.

  33. adrian alonzo

    hi i have a question for local n.a.p i have my business name listed and just shorten the name branding logo with new shorter name how do i go about changing citations should i keep long name and just have domain pointing to shorter namw only

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Well if all the logins I’d just hire someone to do it for you. If you don’t use something like Yext if it’s a lot of citations, or Moz if it’s only the main local indexing platforms.

  34. William Anderson

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  38. Luc Vanderham

    Thanks Chase. I like your style of demonstrating what you’ve learned: what works/doesn’t. I appreciate you sharing your experience. More experts need to do so.

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      Agreed! Thanks for the feedback Luc.

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  41. Whitney L

    So if the keyword you’re going after isn’t in the brand name, do you recommend using a different URL? Example Hybrid BatteryDoctor vs AffordableHybridBatteryRepairTampaBay?

  42. Shantanu Varun

    Hey chase, Big fan English is not my native language. It would really helpful if you put subtitles in your videos. Thank you for such awesomeness (Youtube doesn’t generate subtitles in your videos i don’t know why). Thank you once again your big fan

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      I’m thinking about transcribing these videos in other languages soon what do you think?

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    Can someone tell me what schema markup is? Thanks!!

  46. Abhijeet Sharan

    wow , Chase , Wow ….Thanks for listening ….So grateful for this education series …T
    his is the Go to channel for the most comprehensive and up to date guidance on everything SEO

  47. Abhijeet Sharan

    wow , Chase , Wow ….Thanks for listening ….So grateful for this education series …This is the Go to channel for the most comprehensive and up to date guidance on everything SEO

  48. donotenter

    Good introduction to the series “SEO 2017 – The Complete Guide” ; and the subject, it’s pitfalls, introduction to the acronyms involved; their importance and things to avoid – I subscribed. A very plainly presented and down-to-earth discussion of what to understand about SEO – even if we designers SHOULD bother with SEO. Excellent. Thanks Chase.

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      No, thank you!

  49. Craig Anthony

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  58. Roxanne Dyer

    Hello Chase, Even though I would like to, I don’t publish my videos on Youtube anymore because they always attach a notice that says I’m using someone’s else’s content which is not true. I’m an artist; I create, produce all my own content & purchase the rights for any music that is used in my videos. What can be done about this? Great video, thanks. Roxanne

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    Hey Chris great vid but I have a ? I’m looking to get into seo and affiliate marketing would 2017 be a good time to start or am I too late?

    1. skygabriel09

      Oh okay I’ll go watch it thanks bro

    2. Chase Reiner SEO

      Skygabriel, I did a video response for you here:

  70. Chris Curry

    Hey man! Thanks for this, I have a 2 hour SEO test tomorrow as the second part of an interview. Picked up a few new tips, really helpful!

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      Chris, I did a video response for you here:

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    Hi Chase, Great video! Have you got anything on outreach for local and national SEO? Keep up the good work mate πŸ™‚

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      Christopher Chorley thanks! Yes I have an entire series for local and national seo on my playlists check them out and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  75. Dotflix

    Please make a video on link building, How to make link building where should I post my links? And one more thing I’m driving Bot traffic on my website will it work ? or I will get block on a search engine, Traffic I’m getting from bot shown as Google organic traffic, Paid traffic, Twitter, Instagram. But it doesn’t show my traffic on Adword. for link submission I’m using this website will it work,

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Sure, check out

  76. Bernardeta

    Incredible wealth of info….will be watching all your videos and taking notes. Question: does google penalize you if you have lots of pages (7 serps worth) that have been indexed but are either old, little content and not even on the site (on the menu) anymore?

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    First decent SEO video I watched from start to finish and paused to take note, great content mate!

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      I unfortunately don’t know of any other solutions that are similar to circlescope.. Sorry Tom!! Perhaps one of our viewers will know?

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    5. Chase Reiner SEO

      Oh wow, looks like Google took it down.

  79. Professional 4 Life Marketing

    Man, I love this tutorial, I just saw someone else outranking me with one of their videos locally and noticed that they were using the same tactics as you pointed out here. Linking to all of the top ranking companies locally, linking back to the search engines etc. Was wondering if you could do me a favor…Now that I have seen this video, could you remove it..I don’t want my competitors seeing it LOL…hehehe

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      Professional 4 Life Marketing haha sorry man but I need to keep the video up for all the people who want to learn!

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  82. Kimberly Evans

    What r the best sites to get ratings and reviews from athority sites

    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Errors on your amp pages may cause 404 errors but I’m not really sure on that one. Here’s a great community to ask this:

    2. Chase Reiner SEO

      Usually, when someone requests a page that doesn’t exist, a server will return a 404 (not found) error. This HTTP response code clearly tells both browsers and search engines that the page doesn’t exist. As a result, the content of the page (if any) won’t be crawled or indexed by search engines.

    3. Kimberly Evans

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    1. Chase Reiner SEO

      Sure and I’ll actually be covering these tools I believe in some of the videos within this guide.

      Pinterest: Ninja Pinner
      Google +: Circle Scope
      Twitter: Managed Flitter and Twitter Toolkit
      Facebook: Facebook Toolkit
      Linkedin: Elink
      Instagram: Instagress
      Tumblr: Tumbleninja
      Email: Pitchbox

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    This was published in 2016 but you titled it 2018. SEO changes very often. Don’t appreciate the misleading title.

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