Predictive AI World | Episode 4: Dr Cindy Gordon @ RSI Summit 2018

On March 28th, 2018 SalesChoice joined RSI (Rethink Sustainability) as a partner organization for the RSI Summit 2018: AI Sustainable Futures.

Throughout the day long event, thought leaders representing organizations ranging from Uber to Deloitte were tasked to Rethink Business as Usual. Giving insights into how organizations are currently ensuring AI is applied sustainably to future innovations

SalesChoice CEO Dr. Cindy Gordon joined the panel on Finance & Technology in a Digital World alongside Troy Wright (Lendified) and Marc Lipman (AIG) to deliver her perspective as a leader in AI powered sales solutions.

This episode of Predictive AI World is drawn from Dr. Cindy Gordon’s contributions on the topic. Focusing on the dramatic revolution AI is poised to have throughout the Finance industry.

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