LIVE! Marketing Funnels & Email Marketing With Melanie. A Live Presentation At The Nomad Coffee Club

Melanie and I reveal our entire business model and our most effective marketing funnels as well as our email marketing strategy in one talk! Originally given to the digital nomad coffee club in Chiang Mai Thailand, you can enjoy the recording here, now!

We start with talking about focusing on on a passion first… Something that was a hobby to us that we wanted to share with the world.

Melanie explains how we started by selling services and then transitioned into pre-recorded information products and a membership.

I jump in to share my story of how I went from hero to zero, overnight and how out of that biggest mistake I’ve made in internet marketing, I found the truth that I had to build a list.

Then I transition to how we learned SEO and Keyword Research and leveraged those with Melanie’s aggressive written content on WordPress as our content marketing strategy for a few years to build up our base of organic traffic.

For my SEO videos where you can learn SEO for free go here:

For my Keyword Research video, go here:

From this point, I learned about marketing funnels… And I really geek’d out on testing several different marketing funnels with the organic traffic we had already generated.

For more about marketing funnels, go here:

Once I got the funnels dialed in, I began to layer on the Facebook Advertising to pour fuel on the conversion ‘fire’ I had created.

All my Facebook videos are here:

The byproduct of the funnels and Facebook advertising is enough sales to pay for my ad spend… But we also grew a massive list of subscribers who were not buyers.

Enter email marketing!

This is where Melanie reveals her autoresponder series that automatically follows up with new prospects… Which is expanded upon in this video:

And then she talks about the daily email method… Which I cover here:

That pretty much wraps it up…

This recording is from November of 2016, so about a year and a half ago and I’m super proud that we are still executing this plan, I’m still teaching this same plan and our results from executing in this manner continue to increase massively!

No ‘hacks’ here… No ‘one funnel away’ BS here… Just a real-deal internet marketing business model that WORKS… A business model you can execute, too!


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30 Replies to “LIVE! Marketing Funnels & Email Marketing With Melanie. A Live Presentation At The Nomad Coffee Club”

  1. Felipe Vergara

    Great video Miles! Please make one about copywriting / storytelling since these two are two of the most powerful but underrated skills to master in the digital world!

  2. Renaud Richet

    Melanie rocks

    1. Miles Beckler

      100% true right there

  3. Mari Hoxha

    Expat in Albania. Thank you for all your great information. I’m 50 and REALLY appreciate your simple steps.

    1. Miles Beckler

      absolutely my pleasure

  4. StyleSensePlus

    I love when you include your wife in your educational series! She seems SO nice! She’s the person everbody would like to invite over for coffee. She explains everything so easily, thoroughly, and calmly. She perfectly complements you as a spouse, and business partner. Your enthusiasm and rapid-fire delivery is invigorating and encouraging. It’s important for women to have inspiring role models to reinforce that it’s possible for them to succeed! I could go on and on, but you get the gist. I love and appreciate what you’re doing. And I know that I would like you as friends too. 🙂

    1. Miles Beckler

      Fun to get to teach with her… I need to have her on the channel more and more!

  5. Dawn Brosh

    You guys are awesome. Loved this talk. You are each great on your own, but together you are so much more than the sum of the parts. Power couple! Going to take action on ALL this amazing information. Thanks!

    1. Miles Beckler

      The power of a mastermind! 😀

  6. Crucible

    Was just there, love Chiang Mai. Did you get up to Pai??

    1. Crucible

      Yep, there is a hilarious decal in between front driver and passenger seat, with a cartoon figure about to throw up LOL. The ride up is a few switch backs, wasn’t to bad. I avoid motorbikes, too many accidents. We saw two people crash on the way up to Pai. Freaked my GF out. Be safe!

    2. Miles Beckler

      I’ve heard that Van Wright is quite interesting to… Have some friends who did on a motorcycle and had some pretty interesting stories when they got back. Will deftly put on the list next time we go

    3. Crucible

      Next time you should definitely go. You guys will love it. I’d describe it as the “Sedona” of Chiang Mai. It’s about 2.5 hour van ride up into the mountains near. Very cool little town.

    4. Miles Beckler

      havent… sounds like a cool spot tho

  7. Kasra Moghaddam

    Excellent guys, I want to use canva to create give a way, is that a good tool?
    How many pages is good?
    And how much detail a good ebook provides thanks.

    1. Miles Beckler

      Arman, I appreciate the help and totally agree!

      Kasra, it doesn’t matter if you like WordPress or not… It’s the best in the world and nothing is even comparable, if you want to build a real business you need to use the best tools whether you like them or not!

      I highly recommend this WordPress training site and they have a free level to help you gain mastery of the WordPress dashboard which really is easy to use once you get it:

    2. Kasra Moghaddam

      Arman How do you know without testing it

    3. Kasra Moghaddam

      Arman Well I don’t like WP

    4. Arman

      At the risk of annoying you, I’m going to answer this anyway because I’m confident Miles will respond the same: he’s unlikely to have used the service your linking. (personally from my own glance it looks better for building blogs than funnels… those designs are made to look pretty, not to make sales) – you can look at his exact recommendations for what to use when building funnels in the link below. If you have more money than time, go with clickfunnels. If you have more time than money, build something on thrivethemes. He has a long and comprehensive video on setting up on thrivethemes. He’s got videos where he makes a clickfunnels funnel on the fly, too (at least if my memory is correct…)

      heres the video for building with thrivethemes

  8. Starwut Wibuloutai

    Don’t know that you came to Thailand, I would fly to Chiang Mai if I knew. Followed you contents for a year and love what you do, thank you for creating such a great content. Hope u like ur trip in Thailand.

    1. Miles Beckler

      this was actually from late 2016… Haven’t been back for a bit

  9. Brian Pfeiffer

    Good info here biggest take away need to email list more

    1. Miles Beckler

      absolutely! once you’ve ramped up the frequency of emails for a month or so, let me know how it went for you!

  10. 42JDD

    Miles do you have any thoughts on Timothy Marc?

    1. Miles Beckler

      Nope, never heard of them.

  11. VDF

    You and Melanie are a great team.

    1. Miles Beckler


  12. Shane Cox

    Awesome man. I really wish I could get someone that knows as much as you as my mentor.

    1. What's Cooking

      When you do I’m interested

    2. Miles Beckler

      I am looking into starting a membership program that may facilitate this… Still in the whiteboard phase, but actually meeting with my tech guy this afternoon to talk about the feasibility of what I want to do… So this may become an option soon.

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