How to START a Social Media Marketing Agency the CHEAP way

In this video I show you how to register your social media marketing agency.

Here are the 10 simple steps, with links to the files for California.

1. Name your LLC (check if your name is taken in the link below)

2. Choose a Registered Agent (this can be you)

3. File the Articles of Organization Document (follow steps on document)

4. Create an Operating Agreement (if it’s just yourself this is still necessary). Simply Google an example. You just write a small document stating your purpose in the company.

5. File a Statement of Information – after the “articles of organization” paper gets back to you (follow steps on document).

6. Obtain an EIN (employee identification number) from IRS. It takes less than 10 min.

7. Start a Bank Account for Your business. Take your Articles of Organization paper & your companies EIN number to the bank.

8. Accounting – use it’s super easy for invoicing and getting paid from clients.

9. Register Your LLC for California State Tax and pay the $800 fee (check to see if you are exempt from this from the day you incorporated). It’s easiest to just call the secretary of state and get your dates over the phone to clarify. Write those dates down so you’ll know when to file your taxes.

10. Get appropriate license (check the link below for permits and licenses you might need in your area of operation). I found it way easier to just go to my city hall and ask/file what I need to do there on the spot.

None of the information in this video are recommendations or advice of any subject matter. I do not provide any legal advice or tax advice. Contact your legal professional for any business related matters. Every business choice you make is at your own risk.

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96 Replies to “How to START a Social Media Marketing Agency the CHEAP way”

  1. Emanuel Guzman-Garcia

    I’m in the Smma agency as well. As I recall Tai Looez said to name your LLC company as a “holdings” or “ventures” company. So that’s the company that will be dealing with opening bank accounts etc. From there you can do a “doing business as” name and that’s the one where you would call it ” whatever whatever social media marketing”

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Yeah you can file a DBA whenever. You don’t even have to have your business registered yet. You don’t have to use holding or ventures, it’s completely optional.

  2. HaitianTeenProduction one

    thanks for the information

  3. Tomorrow Never Knows.

    Yo can anybody help me? im from Argentina and 16, how do i register an LLC in the US? i found it really hard to gather information about the subject, any help appreciated! thanks

  4. DCA VlogLife

    Hey Man appreciate that! But if I am to do it at Australia /Perth do I still use the same forms and procedures that you use ? And if not may you help and see what is the legal registration that I should complete ! Thanks man!

    1. Jorge Contreras

      I’m sure it’s different in your country. It should be something similar. Go to your city hall, they’ll help. Good luck man!

  5. Rodrigo Amaro

    can you not start working as an indivudual and start getting clients without an LLC?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Yes! it’s called a sole proprietorship. Be careful though cause if you get sued, they’ll go for your personal assets.

  6. 2thelimit

    i looks like you need many of city and state permits to operate in CA

  7. david cornett

    Im pretty sure if you just go to the government website yourself its free , i got a sole proprietor for free

    1. Jorge Contreras


  8. numbnuts

    Can I open my business for free in New York? Thanks.

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Look up sole proprietorship new york.

  9. Javier Rangel

    Hey bro, I am also filing for an LLC in California and will need to create a sub category, do you know how I can go about doing this? and are there any specific licenses that I will need for my social media marketing agency?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      You mean a DBA? yeah contact your city to see what permits you need to operate.

  10. B DLeon

    What about creating a dba?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      You file that on the side. Just google the document for your county.

  11. Andy's Laboratory

    how do I register with a partner?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      On the articles of organization form there’s an option of how many members. Follow the instructions on the form.

  12. Chase Hennebry

    Me and my buddy formed an LLC as 50/50 partners, what tax a classification should we choose?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Check the website! I’m single member, so I’m not sure.

  13. Arturo Ruiz

    Appreciate the videos and work! Keep grinding, we’re all in it together!

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Sure will! Thank you Arturo!

  14. girlscoutcookies916

    Thanks bro. Viva la raza primo ke nunca se te olvide.

  15. Jeff Corredor

    Hey man, honestly you have a big heart on sharing these wonderful steps, theres no better feeling in helping others:), keep up the good work bro. Your channel will grow if you keep it 100 . Im looking forward for your upcoming videos.

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Thanks a lot Jeff! I’ll try my best!

  16. Peter Escota

    bro can i know what product do you sell? 🙂

    1. Jorge Contreras

      I have sell my social media marketing services man.

    2. Peter Escota

      social media marketing services?

    3. Peter Escota

      can i know how to join bro haha 🙂

  17. Coraima Ortiz

    thank you so much for doing this video.

    1. Jorge Contreras

      No problem Coraima!

  18. Jerry Hernandez

    Hey Bro I just sent mine about 2 weeks ago and I’m here in Cali too. How much longer til I hear back? Thank you.

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Hi Jerry, It took around 3 to four weeks. You could start doing business as a sole proprietorship for the meantime. Good luck!

    2. Jerry Hernandez

      jEntrepreneur oh ok then, thank you!

  19. VDO FX

    great information for the youngest i have two companies and i wish were videos like this around 10 years ago good job body

  20. ReAgAn

    How would you register your social media agency in the UK

    1. Jorge Contreras

      I’m not familiar with that process, google it! should be similar.

  21. Andy's Laboratory

    filed the paper work about 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back ?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      You’ll get it soon, mine came in roughly 4 weeks.

    2. Andy's Laboratory

      my paperwork came in, now how to obtain the license in a California?

  22. Zerfy

    Hey, quick question. If a client does sue you, and you are a registered LLC business then are you covered? Will the organization you’re register with take care of it and pay how ever the client sued you for?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      You’re covered, thats the purpose of an LLC man!

  23. lorenzo rosales

    Where do u live in cali ? Im in fresno

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Nice, I’m in LA!

    2. Israelknowsbest

      yo lorenzo whats ur ig lets network i live near fresno

    3. lorenzo rosales

      Israelknowsbest mines @the_stud_renz and whats yours?

    4. Israelknowsbest

      my ig is israelknowsbest

  24. Gabriel Martinez

    YEA BX!!!
    great info bro

  25. Andy's Laboratory

    is there a specific license I have to obtain in California ?

    1. Israelknowsbest

      Andy’s Laboratory yo man lets network do you have an ig?

  26. richard moran

    why would you not set up the business as a sole proprietorship? Just curious I’m about to register soon. Thank you

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Because if you get sued, they’ll go for your personal bank account. LLC protects your personal money.

  27. bryan lillard

    Yo J where can i find good theme music for my channel?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Look up copyright free music on Google or have someone make you one on fiverr!

  28. Michael Vargas

    What if there are 2 partners in the LLC?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      You check the option for “all member(s).”

  29. Jimmy Him

    is it the same set up for LLC partnership agreement?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      I’ve heard it’s similar. But, I haven’t done it. Look it up on Google to make sure!

  30. Perdidos em LA

    You have a great freaking channel bro, most people don’t actually teach this stuff, they just talk and talk and never get to the point

    1. Jorge Contreras

      thanks man!

  31. Roxana Rodriguez

    what if my business if from home, if they sue can they take my home? @JEntrepreneur

    1. Jorge Contreras

      That’s the purpose of an LLC! to protect your personal assets. So I suggest registering your LLC asap.

    2. MahruhDZN

      jEntrepreneur you can change your address at anytime right?

  32. Hjq0023

    Thanks for being Selfless enough for posting all these videos man

  33. Cold Pizza YT

    If i only have like 1-3 local clients as side money do i need to do all this crap or can i just keep working from home

    1. Gabriel Gourdine

      Andrew Daller He said you can do that for now, but eventually you will need to just to cover your back and make sure your secure in case legal situations come up.

    2. OG Buck #Hankblock

      Just do it and stop bitching

  34. Jerry Kahlon

    Can you show us how to set up an LLP. Thanks

  35. MannE ReN

    These videos are worth more then gold right now , much appreciation! 👌🏼

  36. Anthony Rivas

    Hey j’ Great Video I used this method myself but, I have an off topic question. If I’m making a Facebook page for my business, should I branch it out as a fan page on my personal profile or should create a separate Facebook account?

  37. KDME

    I am 16 and I am very interested in getting an llcsocial media marketing and getting an llc.

  38. KDME

    I’m 16 how could I get an ein number?

  39. Ray Guerrero

    Hey J, so I’m gonna have to pay 800 dollars at the end of the year for registering for llc ???? That’s a lot, I’m afraid of messing up :/ still doing my research

  40. MahruhDZN

    tai said in the program Nevada doesn’t pay taxes so if I form my llc there would I have have to pay $800 or is that just calis law?

  41. John Ivy

    I enjoyed your video but I’m curious about something you didn’t mention about the article of organization… if I’m a resident in California and I form an LLC for a social media marketing agency won’t it have to be a foreign LLC to have clients in different states?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      John, I’m not sure about that. Please Google it. I only get local clients at the moment.

  42. Jimmy Him

    Can we set up a partnership under LLC? How do we input 2 or more partners under LLC?

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Jimmy, I think there’s a form for that.

    2. OG Buck #Hankblock


  43. Sergio Estrada

    Hey, So I sent in the paperwork but haven’t received anything back and it’s been more than a month. What do I do?

    1. Sergio Estrada

      I haven’t received a call or any type of paperwork back.

    2. Pringle Fever

      go to about 2 minutes in on the video and he talks about if your LLC name is taken they may reject your paperwork

    3. Sergio Estrada

      so they will just reject it and not even send me any type of notfication?

    4. Pringle Fever

      Sergio Estrada well in your case i guess so. Either that or you got scammed

    5. Jorge Contreras

      You could call them Sergio! They’ll let you know what happened or if they even received it.

  44. Jack Boswell

    you don’t have to get a LLC in your state you can get one out of state

  45. RichJames Ent

    I jus started the program this week and all these videos are great info and help I appreciate this mane💯🙏🏽I can’t wait to start my business once I’m finished with the program

  46. Carlos Henrique Pinheiro Santos

    Hey J, how are you doing? Which website builder do you use? Do you recommend WordPress as website builder or do you have anything better than that? Thanks!

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Good! thank you. Yeah, wordpress. But you can use weekly or wix. They’re easier to use. Squarespace as well.

  47. Rita Kotecha

    yr amazing

    1. Jorge Contreras

      Thank you!

  48. Federico Ameijenda

    Amazing thank you! I have a question, why did you say I can be my own registered agent FOR NOW? why for now? Subscribed!

  49. DJ SLANK〽an

    Thanks so much bro!

    1. Jorge Contreras

      You’re welcome!

  50. Aaron Vu

    So you can use a name that is taken outside of California?

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