How To Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website with Email Marketing – Tutorial 2018 [Method #4]

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Continuing our mini series of videos How to Promote Clickbank Products without a website, here is Part 4.

In this video I show you the exact way and walk you through how to promote Clickbank products without a website with email marketing.

In my opinion this method is superior than all the previous ones that I showed you.

Does it require more work and effort to put in? Yes, it does.

However, as you probably heard before – “Money is in the list”. And it is real truth. With this method although you don’t have to build your own website, you can start building your email list.

Why building email list is important for any business?

You see, if I go to your website to check out your article or a product that you have to offer, I may not have enough time to read your full article or not have my credit card on me to process the payment right there and then. So I leave. And then I most likely forget about your website or find another resource – your competitor – and buy from there.

But! If I visit your website and you collect my email in exchange for a useful ebook or report, you will be able to keep in touch with me and promote the product that you have. And not only that! After that you will be able to promote more related products and I may buy from you again. Then again. And again. How does it sound?

That is why out of the way how you can promote clickbank product without a website, doing with email marketing is the best way for long term strategy.

Also, I’ve been working on a complete Affiliate Marketing training that will be available 100% free for all my email subscribers. If you are already subscribed to any of my email lists, then you will get notified. If not – you can sign up here and I personally will send you an email notification!

How to promote Clickbank products without a website:
Part 1 – (using Google)
Part 2 – (using YouTube)
Part 3 – (using Facebook)

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22 Replies to “How To Promote Clickbank Products Without a Website with Email Marketing – Tutorial 2018 [Method #4]”

  1. Money is Awesome

    Hi guys, don’t forget to hit the Like button below the video and subscribe! Do you have any question? Drop a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

  2. Samir Rifai

    All very clear, well explained. Thank you.

    1. Money is Awesome

      Thank you Samir, glad you liked it.

  3. Kosta TV

    In This world of affiliate Marketing where 99 % of Blogers are desperately trying to push novice affiliate marketers to buy diverse scam programs, This Channel over here is like a hope in Humanity and the prove that there is always someone in the community who is honest and genuinely trying to help newbies in the field!!! I can’t wait to see when your affiliate marketing course will be launched.Thank you for your amazing job Alex!!!

    1. Money is Awesome

      Thanks man, appreciate your words. The course will be out soon! Don’t have high expectations, but there will be information that I haven’t shared on my channel and I don’t think I ever will. So yeah, worth the waiting:)

  4. E Liberty C Flores

    I was looking for this, a step by step explanation to use a list from 10.000 emails address in one nich.

    I’m newbie, I saw that you’ll release a course. If I have convertions I could pay you to get it.

    Thanks for share your knowledge.!! ♥

    1. E Liberty C Flores

      Money is Awesome Yes, it DOES! ❤️

    2. Money is Awesome

      You are welcome, hope it helps!

  5. Mauro Garcia

    a lot of value here , thanks!

    1. Money is Awesome

      Thank you Mauro!

  6. George Newton

    Very good! You answered a number of questions I had. Thanks for the video.

    1. Money is Awesome

      Hey George, glad I could help!

  7. Alø në •_•

    Great !!!
    Thx 😊

  8. samy mourad

    Thanks for sharing your experiences..really the content of your course is very interesting..Good luck.

    1. Money is Awesome

      hey Samy, thank you! I am finishing the course and it will be available for my email subscribers.

  9. dial lo

    Hi Aleks! Thank you for this video , but I still have some issues using getresponse. When I test my landing page , after clicking on download it’s not showing the thank you page . Hope I can get a solution .

    1. Money is Awesome

      Hey dial, did you create Thank you page? If you go to 11:12 of my video tutorial where I show how I was creating the landing page, in the left upper corner you will see 2 tabs: Variant A and Thank you page. Variant A – it’s a landing page creator and if you click Thank you page – it’s a thank you page creator. You should create it there and save. Then in the settings at 17:14 of the video you just keep “Default thank you page” and that’s it. It should work. If it doesn’t, feel free to contact their live chat support. They are very helpful!

    2. dial lo

      Thank’s for your prompt answer. It took me a few , but I fixed it .

  10. Sachith Tharaka

    How to get traffic to our landing page??
    Paid traffic or free traffic??
    Please explain it
    Udimi is the best solo traffic??

    1. Sachith Tharaka

      I want your answer from video
      How to get traffic to our landing page

    2. Money is Awesome

      It depends on your niche, your skills and preference. Also your budget. If you have money you can always try paid traffic – solo ads, facebooks ads, adwords, or any other platform. If you don’t have budget, then you can follow any of the free traffic methods that I’ve been covering here on my channel – comments, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc.

  11. Sachith Tharaka

    How to driving traffic??

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