Email Marketing Is Dying (and Here’s What You Should Do Next) | Ep. #608

In episode #608, Eric and Neil discuss what you should do in light of the fact that email marketing is dying. Tune in to hear what avenues you should pursue to mitigate the loss of traffic through email marketing.


[00:27] Today’s Topic: Email Marketing Is Dying (and Here’s What You Should Do Next) [00:34] Everyone thinks no one uses email anymore, which is a false assumption, especially if you work in the corporate world. [00:55] Although email marketing is dying, that is only for the younger demographics. [01:15] Email isn’t as effective as it used to be, but as long as you leverage all the other channels, you can still do well. [01:40] Combine emails, push notifications, and chat bots; you will get back some of the traffic you lost through email marketing. [02:00] Neil spoke to someone who works in Dubai and he still makes all his money through email marketing to an older audience. [02:21] Eric loves to use, Many Chat, and text messaging to market to a younger audience. [02:58] Sly Broadcast is a great tool that Eric loves. [03:18] This tool will allow you to drop a voicemail into someone’s inbox without having the phone ring. [03:40] Cut the fat on the tools, though. Too many tools spreads your focus too thin. [04:25] Neil’s team uses fewer than 10 tools internally. [04:32] They use Skype, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, AHREFS, SEMRush, Subscribers, Hello Bar, Hubspot, and possibly one or two more at the most. [05:00] Don’t go beyond ten tools, because it is overwhelming. [05:15] If you want to do well and remain actionable, using too many tools will prevent that. [05:30] That’s it for today! [05:32] Go to for a special marketing tool giveaway! Leave some feedback:

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4 Replies to “Email Marketing Is Dying (and Here’s What You Should Do Next) | Ep. #608”

  1. pushREC

    Hahaha “Dude.. How many tools do you pay for?!” :`D Was wondering that just the second Eric mentioned the two haha
    Love it guys – keep it up!

    1. Growth Everywhere

      LOL yes tool wrangling is going to be a full time job one day!

  2. Manav Singh

    Learning bots using many chats course.

    Chat bots may do well in future.

    1. Growth Everywhere

      Excellent, keep us posted how it goes! Soon you will be the #botlord

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