Digital Marketing Trends Of 2015-2016

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94 Replies to “Digital Marketing Trends Of 2015-2016”

  1. Marketing Digest

    I couldn’t agree more to this. With smartphones, businesses can easily connect with their consumers. 

  2. Ibtehaj Rasool

    yeah agreed! Very well presented!
    Great info-graphics.

  3. Hans Duque

    Excelente video. ¡Gracias!

  4. Olaf de los Santos

    #digitalmarketing  Great video infographic! In particular “word of mouth” over social media channels will take a great leap forward and become more important.

  5. Hoppin Online Marketing

    Thanks Everyone, for Sharing the video and your thoughts.. and remember april 21st is D-Day for Google’s Mobile Friendly Update,More information @
    And to all the website designer’s out their make sure your clients site have a mobile friendly tag in the code so they wont lose any search position their in right now. Stay Friendly….

  6. Lozingle TS

    #Smartphones have truly changed the way brands do #digitalmarketing.

  7. Mdp Mediendesign Promotion

    Thanks very interesting

  8. Health Care Videos

    +Hoppin Online Marketing  excellent video . I am just curious what is the source of this data ?

  9. Brendan Mace

    Always good to see what other marketers are doing…

  10. M Rieza Rakhman

    M Rieza Rakhman say thanks 🙂

  11. Hoppin Online Marketing

    Please, Do Not Use This Video To Promote Your Business Services! I Will Delete And Report You For Spam! If you don’t have a viral video as an agency we can help you for a cost, we don’t mind sharing the video as long as you don’t use traffic jacking tools! Thank You In Advance.

    1. Linzaile Matroos

      May it be used in a presentation?

  12. Jessica Menjivar

    This is such an excellent video, it explains everything we need to know about trends in digital marketing for 2015!!!

  13. Elizabeth Walter

    thanks for sharing friend!


    Creo que este video es del 2011 no?

  15. E. Michael Rosales

    Excellent piece!

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    you’ll most likely get more likes, this is awesome!

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  18. IMWS Marketing

    great video

  19. Chuimedia

    mobile marketing is going to be the biggest thing,its a game changer for both the businesses and consumers.

  20. Hawley Sepedy

    I always wanted to do digital advertising

  21. Profile Booster

    Some excellent stats showing the big numbers on how smart phones are such a big part of our lives.

  22. Aminul Islam

    it is very effective video which help to know the information about digital marketing.

  23. anissu zzaman

    To me this videos are very helpful and easy to Understand. I really like this video. Please continue your work. Thank you Issa Assad from Florida with love.

  24. Fariz Ramadhansyah

    what tools to create the video?

    1. ledanhlamvip12

      adobe after effects , my mate

  25. Samo Piuzi

    Very usefull presentation.

  26. Kevin McKinnon

    Are you ok if we use this within a rolling presentation as part of a trade show booth. It will not be selling a service but more from a knowledge perspective. Please let me know. Thanks!

  27. Mindsaw Website Design

    Great stuff!

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    very good

  29. Toon Explainers

    Great Information …

  30. Lena Lou

    No, I don’t connect with my friends

  31. Web Trainings Academy

    Really great stats and nice animation to explain the concept. In India Mobile marketing has created great opportunities for retailers and business owners. thanks for sharing.

  32. Contato Morati

    Hi! Great video that explains the Digital Midia changes.

    Can I translate this video to share here in Brazil?

  33. Ravi Shangar

    good one

  34. Kickin Marketing

    I like your video, but I was looking from something regarding Google’s new AMP standard. Then I realized this was for 2015… doh! My bad LOL. I’m sure you’ll have updated info on that somewhere. Time to keep looking. 🙂

  35. Seo Sem

    Great video, could you share where did you get your statistics?

  36. Micaela Hase

    How much do you charge to use this video?

  37. Lâm Mỹ Duyên

    Can anybody tell me what software is used in this video,plz?

  38. Abby Jewell

    Michigan Programmatic Search Test

  39. Nadja Silke

    Just walk around town and see everyone with their heads stuck in their phones lol. I am no different….it’s my mini computer. So handy (which coincidently is what a mobile is called in German). Thanks for sharing.

  40. Daniel Iulian


  41. Enter Quotes (Motivation & Inspiration)

    Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing any sales.

  42. Jonathan P.

    Where did u get all the numbers from. Is this first hand information?

  43. Digital Marketing Institute of America

    I tend to see that the big focus will be on marketing automation and particularly mobile customer experience. These trends will revolutionise the digital age even more and will create both opportunities for consumers and for marketers.

  44. Trootrac Media Private Limited

    Nice one . Now a days Digital Marketing very important for any Business . Because Digital Marketing provides you a platform to project your product online using different methods and channels as that of web, social media, direct mail, etc. It is very well known fact that the better you know your customer, the brighter are your chances to have a lucrative interaction.

  45. Alex Serrano

    How’s everything? I enjoyed your channel:)

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    Great information

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    such a useful video!

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    thanks for video .but i have question with which program you made this video?

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    love your video

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    It great👍

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    smart phones are the future even for marketing

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    How did you produce this video? After Effects?

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    Loved your video! Thanks for sharing!

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  60. percy johnson

    this is not new habits.. we used to look at flyers and newspaper ads to compare prices before purchases.. this is purely the same habit but manifested in different platforms.. but what you didn’t mention is a lot of people in many countries find digital advertising a lot less credible than ads in traditional media.. so digital advertising effectiveness is sometimes overrated… and the sad thing is I am seeing more irrelevant ads on facebook or online than on tv.. the digital platform is so much more cluttered and less credible.. so that translates to higher frequency of ad exposure in order to break through, meaning it costs the advertisers more

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    Well done my friend

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    Hafiz Muhammad Ahsan – Senior CMS/SEO Expert

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