Digital Marketing Course in Hindi by Mr. Viral Jadhav

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In this video you will

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73 Replies to “Digital Marketing Course in Hindi by Mr. Viral Jadhav”

  1. Nishant Gupta

    very good session sir highly impressed…. sir we want your live session in jaipur so for that whom to contact ?

  2. Sohail Sayyed

    thank you sir for the video

  3. Ravi Shir

    nice video sir easy to understand

  4. Ravi Shir

    sir pls make video how to redirect customer from social media to our site I mean how to engage our website or application to our social media

  5. Ajay Davane

    Sir, I want to pursue MBA in Marketing ,so there is any course relating to marketing ?., that provide support for my career in Marketing. -Ajay Davane .
    Con No – 8975259593 (wp .no)

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Thanks. you can visit for more details.

  6. Kk

    Me ye pora course ksy dekskta ho ye to 8 part ha of 180 sir….

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Visit for complete course details.

  7. Kunwar Pal

    Awsome. Very interested. I am an Affiliate. please provide for website promoting video onpage & offpage.

  8. saurabh bhosle

    sir i want to start career in digital marketing as freelancer,please guide me

  9. Krunal Thakkar

    Veryyyyyyyyyyy nice video Sir

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Thanks. You can visit for more details

  10. Vaidik Ganit Acharya Deepak Sharma

    Thanks Sir good information

    1. Viral Jadhav

      You can find more information on


    sir isko free me joined kese kiy jaye
    jo carrier achcha ban sake

  12. Rumpa Biswas

    good information, please upload email marketing video

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Hello you can find details on email marketing on website

  13. Manish Makhija

    superb presentation ever………thank you sir

    1. Viral Jadhav

      You can find more on Digital Marketing on

  14. jani prasad

    witch company in the best of digital marketing course can you please tell me


    Sir degital marketing is best course in future to kya me joining kr lu digital marketing course

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Yes. Opportunities are good in DM Industry. You can join DM Course from below link :-

      Let us know if you need any further information.

  16. Raman Sharma

    sir mera real estate ka kam hi aur main apni ek website banwana chahta hu kya aap website devlop kar sakte hi aur kitna kharcha aayega aap meri mail id par detail send kar sakte hi

    1. Viral Jadhav

      You can create your website. We offer Website Design Services as well as we also have Drag and Drop Website Builder and you can create your website without coding on your own. Visit for more details.

  17. Umesh chand

    v nice and good teaching video

  18. Gaurav Tiwari

    Nice. Just what i wanted to know. Being a service personnel want to start a digital marketing business.

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Yup. There is huge opportunities in Digital Marketing business. Small and medium businesses are really looking for good digital marketing agencies or freelancers who can help them with online marketing activities. Do visit and you will find our advanced training course that will help you learn and implement digital marketing strategies.

  19. Parmar Mayank

    thank u sir

    1. Viral Jadhav

      You can find more advanced courses on

  20. Inspiration Leaving

    Thank You sir You Have Very Simply Explained And Easy To Understand So Nice Video Created Again I Will Say Thank You
    इस तरीके के विडियो बोहत ही कम देखने को मिलता है //नाम के लिए बड़े बड़े youtuber है उनलोगों से कोई उम्मीद करना ही बेकार है विडियो चलाने के लिए कुछ भी डिटेल्स निही देते है अगले विडियो के लिए घुमाते रहते है //बड़े youtuber Reply नहीं करते

  21. Mangesh Sona

    How n where can I get jobs by doing your Course ? Or i have to create website or youtube channel ?

    1. Viral Jadhav

      We have step by step video training course on Digital Marketing. You can find complete details from below link :

      Let us know if you need any further information.

  22. M.Qasim AVS

    sir me computer college ki markiting kaisy kr sakt ho kindly reply me .

  23. fasi khan

    Sir what is lead generation?

    1. fasi khan

      What is lead capture

  24. Kashif Kaleem

    sir…kya fresher’s KO digital marketing mei job milsakta hi…

  25. Trend maze

    sir…kya fresher’s KO digital marketing mei job milsakta hi…

  26. Sujeet Kumar

    Sir may I know your Email Marketing Software name please.

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Hello, You can find email marketing and marketing automation software details from below link. 14 days free trial is also available.

  27. Sarang Bhirad

    Sir any course on Website Development???

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Yes. It is covered in Module 2 of full digital marketing course. Get details on below link

  28. umakanta garanayak

    sir is this is the complete degital marketing course

    1. Viral Jadhav

      We have step by step video training course on Advanced Digital Marketing. Visit for complete course details and syllabus.

  29. ABCC INDIA Project Cargo Corporation

    pls help

  30. Specialist Oversize ODC Transportation Movements

    pls help

  31. Deepjyoti Baishya

    Thanks sir .

  32. Deepjyoti Baishya

    Sir, need a styleing and fully responsible website . Please give me demo link than I buy .

    1. Viral Jadhav

      You can visit
      You will find pricing for website.


    Who can do it ? I am (10+2) pass out.

  34. salim A Mansuri

    Best porformance sir

  35. Suraj Kumar

    Sir digital marketing is my aim pls in email send me right method related to digital marketing because i want to join digital marketing course…
    your video very knowledgeable ….. now I am subscriber your channel..
    1 more thing I am big fan of digital marketing…

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Yes. We have step by step Video Training course for Advanced Digital Marketing. Visit for more details

  36. Pratiksha Gaikwad

    Very nice Sir..very easy to understand.

  37. aussiejobhunt

    Really good explanation.

  38. Santosh Kushwaha

    Wow!!! really here to change ….

  39. PUP Socks

    sir you have more videos about “digital marketing”

    1. Viral Jadhav

      Yes. We have step by step Video Trainng course for Advanced Digital Marketing. Visit for more details

  40. Arpita Khandelwal

    Which free and paid application is good for email automation? How to redirect user to our website when he clicks on the post on social media. Please assist

    1. Viral Jadhav

      We have Email Marketing and Advanced Marketing Automation Software. Visit for more details

  41. Akbar Shaikh

    I am a IT professional and i want to do carrier in digital marketing how can i start or how can i start as consultant

  42. Asim Noaman Lodhi


  43. royal raman

    give me example of digital marketing in written

  44. amit agrawal

    Thanks Alot Sir for wonderful videos, Sir one Request My 14 year old Son, student of Class IX, Developed a Good Android App “My Share Plus” (To Split Bills ) Alone without the help of any, just by Internet blogs and You tube channel. Please Check that App if possible and please publish a video on that. It will help him alot to boost up his confidence… Please….Sir .

  45. Sagar Wankhede

    is that import to do web designer course to make career in digital marketing

  46. Moee baba

    amazing way of teaching and thank you

  47. Love videos

    sir u r great 👌👌👌


    Sir nice video


    Sir m ye puchna chahta hu ki isme koi particular deegree ki jrurt h kya

  50. shiv singh mandrawal


  51. rahul prajapati

    hello sir I am 32 year and I am thinking to do digital m course wt business opportunity I can get
    and for video is enough or I have to joint d class also informed u that I jobless

  52. Haripada Barman

    sir give us more video like this ,thank you

  53. Discover with Alok ! आलोक के साथ खोजें

    awesome learning videos

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