Best Affiliate Marketing Offers to Promote for Summer 2018

In this video I go over the best summertime affiliate programs and offers to promote for summer 2018!

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9 Replies to “Best Affiliate Marketing Offers to Promote for Summer 2018”

  1. Chad Bartlett

    Hope you all enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you want similar videos like this one! 👇🔥

    1. Billy Fradys

      Awesome! Great video. Keep up the good work.

      Travel niche is definitely huge. Even though I don’t promote them, (but thinking about it), World Ventures is a decent affiliate to promote but it is not cheap to join. It is more of a high ticket offer.

      Another evergreen niche to get into is the dating niche because a lot of people are always looking to “hook up.”

      I think another great affiliate is MCA because they pay out 200 percent commissions for each sign up that you get. It’s all about the towing service and it’s got a whole bunch of other services. If you ever decide to promote them, I would definitely sign up under you.

      Also, I remember I signed up with ShareASale a long time ago but never really promoted anything from them.

    2. Chad Bartlett

      Oh wow good to know! Thanks for the input and feedback

  2. RemainForever Healthy

    Hi chad great video. I sent you an email the other day. I resent it this morning. Not sure if you saw. And that product you mentioned The Triple Echinacea that helps immune health, so you can fight colds and flus. Helps to keep body healthy

    1. Chad Bartlett

      Awesome! I will check my email in just a minute!

  3. I web Careers

    How are you finding all the cool Affiliate Programs, are all of them from ShareASale?

    1. Chad Bartlett

      Not all of them but just do research! I already knew what niche were good so I just type into google “bodybuilding affiliate programs” for example and find the best ones that show up

    2. I web Careers

      Good stuff, I would like to see more free targeted traffic like the skillshare vid you did.

  4. Tom Billard

    Chad do use gettresponse or thr autoresponder in builderall

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