Adwords ROAS Bid Strategy Tutorial 2018

Learn How to use Flexible Bid Strategy in Adwords by

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28 Replies to “Adwords ROAS Bid Strategy Tutorial 2018”

  1. Hassan Waseem

    sir rahul i want to joint your paid course but i am from pakistan is it possible

    1. Rahul Bisht

      Sir actually i am not having payment gateway, I am giving online trainings in india only.

    2. Hassan Waseem

      i have paypal i will send you through pay pal

    3. BDSports

      Rahul Sir u r the Best tutor

    4. Rahul Bisht

      Thanks for the feedback. Means a lot….

    5. Business Mind

      hello bro which city u from i am in lahore i also want learn this what is your level in google adword can we discus more 0312 4146471

  2. Aniket pathania

    Do you handle company account. I need media buying agency for my online store

    1. Rahul Bisht

      Sir i am already managing 3 online store company But Not doing media buying only SEM & SMM.

    2. Aniket pathania

      Rahul Bisht it will work fr me. Please check your mail.

  3. Business Mind

    hello sir i want to learn your course i am from pakistan but now i am living in saudia i will send u money u just send me account detail

  4. Business Mind

    sir what is your facebook page address

  5. YousufOn

    Hey Rahul, Thanks again for the wonderful video. I have a quick query regarding e-commerce . My daily budget is $10 for testing 1 product typical drop shipping modal. I am using 6 to 7 keywords and using maximize clicks or enhanced CPC and keep the campaign for 5 to 7 days to check whether I am getting any sales.. is it correct approach ?

    1. Rahul Bisht

      avoid maximise click and enhanced cpc try to use manual cpc…

    2. YousufOn

      Rahul much CPC I should set in case of Manual … ? Plus do you have any video on this topic ..

  6. Abdul Hafeez

    sir how can we get facebook videos?

  7. Abhijit Aich

    Hi Rahul, your tutorials are really engaging and immensely helpful. Thank you for uploading the same. Could you also upload tutorials on CPA and tCPA? It would be really great if you can.

    1. Rahul Bisht

      Its already there in my channel. Must watch all video’s you will get the CPA concept.

  8. rahul sharma

    your video tutorial was awesome…while watching these videos i learn soo much that can i go for an internship interview….

  9. shahid ahmad

    Valuable info sir…thanx for sharing.

  10. Kamran Azeem

    love you Rahul sir..

  11. Osama Khan

    Sir I want Your Services Please Contact Me

  12. Fully Blockbuster

    Nice vdo 👌👌👌👍

  13. Business Mind

    hello sir plz give number your video like 1,2,3,4,5, that easy for us for watch and your work is good BIG THANKS for u

  14. Saggar Co

    Hi Rahul, good video, however the difference between ROI and ROAS is a bit different as explained in this video. ROI is return on investment, and as the name suggests it is
    (return-investment)/investment , where investment = COGS( cost of goods sold incl. ad spend ), whereas ROAS is
    return/AdSpend. For example one buys a cricket bat for $1000 , spends $100 on ads and sells it for $2200. Then the ROI is 1x and ROAS is 22x.
    Usually it is not referred as a percentage but as a multiplier.

    1. Rahul Bisht

      In this video i m just giving idea abt ROI. Yes you are right ROI is revenue-investment/investment*100 to get figures in %.

  15. santosh singh

    hi Rahul ji, i want to learn ppc complete training , can you teach me in gurgaon or give me better advice or give me your contact number and email id.


    It looks pretty much your site, let’s go ahead, pray, pray

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