5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Social Media (No Product Needed)

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I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to share with you five ways you can monetize your social media audience without a product.

Make a Fortune on Social Media #1: Promote someone else’s product.

Whether it’s from the affiliate rake, or they’re paying you a specific cost per promotion, or whatever it may be, why not just promote someone else’s product? For example, I have a huge social media following, or at least I think it’s a decent size, for anything marketing related. So if I go out there and I say, hey, you should use Ahrefs or BuzzSumo, or SEMrush. I’ve mentioned all those tools so many times on my videos.

Most of these guys already have affiliate programs on the bottom of their website. All you have to do is sign up, and use that link whenever you’re talking about them on the social web. Here’s what’s cool about it. You can even go to sites like Amazon, Best Buy. They all have affiliate offerings and pages.

Make a Fortune on Social Media #2: partner with someone who has a product but doesn’t have a audience.

Make a Fortune on Social Media #3: place ads within your videos.

If you’re on social media, create videos and put them on sites like YouTube. They’ll automatically put ads for you if you want to monetize it. Yes, you’re not going to be the richest person, but you can easily make 2, three grand a month. That may not seem like a lot, but it could give you enough flexibility and freedom where you don’t have to work for someone else. It’s awesome and amazing. Money isn’t everything in this world. Making enough to be happy and having that financial freedom, in many cases, is better than making 10, 20, 50, 100 grand a month. So don’t always aim for making the most amount of money, also aim for financial freedom. And by just putting ads on your videos, or if you have a WordPress site you can allow them to monetize and you can let them make you money in promoting those articles via social media. It’s an amazing way to end up making free money or little, or easy money, from ads.

Make a Fortune on Social Media #4: influencer marketing. And not the same influencer marketing that I talked about a few strategies ago. Why not go and say, hey, you sell teeth whitening. I’ll pay per post to promote you on Instagram. Oh, your Fit Tea, yeah I’ll talk about Fit Tea. I’m a celebrity or a fitness Instagram page, and I can be breaking down and taking photos of how I’m using Fit Tea to get more fit and building these muscles.

Make a Fortune on Social Media #5: Premium content. Here’s what I mean by this. On Instagram, you see a lot of these models taking pictures of themselves. And then, they use something called Patreon where they’re like, hey, you can subscribe on Patreon, give me money every single month, and I’ll show you premium content. You can do the same thing.

The bonus tip for you is, you don’t need a product to generate income. You could go find someone else’s product, white label it, in essence, you’re creating your own business. They can drop ship it for you. And they’ll do a deal where every time you sell a product, you send them the information, they’ll ship it out, and you give them the money, and you keep the difference.

I hope these tips help you monetize your social profile. It’s not that hard. You have to put in the time and effort and be patient, keep tweaking. One model may be better for you versus the other one. But you won’t know unless you test them all. So just try them out. Think of it as spaghetti, throw it against the wall, see what works and sticks, and then just move forward with that. Thank you for watching. Make sure you like, share, comment. If you have any questions, you’re not sure how to monetize your social profile, leave a comment. I’ll answer it, and I’ll give you advice. Thank you.

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28 Replies to “5 Proven Ways to Make Money on Social Media (No Product Needed)”

  1. Blake Emal

    Love it Neil. Great work here. I am working 12-14 hours a day right now just trying to build my social accounts. I am trying to be valuable to people instead of asking them for things, since that was what my strategy used to be. This got me even more pumped to keep on doing what I am doing.

  2. Vinchenzo D

    Hey Sir Neil. How can I find untapped niche blog topics that pertain to my industry? I am in the printing industry btw.
    “Starting from scratch on twitter in 2018” Blog or video topic! Think about it Sir Neil.

  3. Nyaman Sahu

    My ideal

  4. Nic Nose

    Thanks for doing all these tips! I really enjoy your style!

  5. Vivek Dixit

    thank you sir Neil

  6. Make Joke Of

    Please share a method of earning for a beginners…

  7. Mr 3ko

    Now I’m gonna make a new FB page… 😀

  8. Ceclia De Oliveira

    Loooooooove this guy and his boldness… hahah <3

  9. Pratyush Chaurasia

    Great Advice

  10. Nithya prabhu

    Nice one brother…..

  11. Raj Yadav (Villager)

    Can I promot my website using this trick ?

  12. Diwakar singh

    Thank you soo much Niel . Great video

  13. nanda kishore

    Hey Neil, you nailed it man…👌
    Love the way you explain

  14. Vishal Pawar

    misleading title. you are just giving half information

    1. Manav Singh

      Vishal Pawar Nothing misleading… Follow the tips and you’ll earn on social media?? What else you expected??

    2. Vishal Pawar

      I was expecting how to drive traffic. everybody knows there are products out there but you don’t have people to sale it then there in no value.

    3. Manav Singh

      To drive traffic you’ll have to set up ad campaigns, it requires some budget.
      Still on Instagram you can do great without mony. Read Neil’s blog. You’ll find many great articles on this topic there.

  15. Sahil Patel

    Thank you Sir!
    My ideal 😊
    Please sir talk little slowly….I had some problems to understand the things so that i should need to watch again and again time.

    1. Amrit Prabhaker

      Dear Sahil, there is a button in the Low Right hand Corner (third from right) You can reduce or increase the speed.

  16. Manav Singh

    Great tips Neil!

    What’s the reason of using orange colour everywhere (on your blog, in videos, etc)?? Any specific psychological reason??

  17. Sifu Soggi Singh

    Neil, very nice cardigan. You look like Penguin with much socialism media knowledge. BE THE BEST!!!

  18. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    And you know WHAAH

  19. Godwin Shinez

    That’s all nice ideas, Thanks Neil

  20. Saeed Jassir

    Thanks for your knowledge . I appreciate that .grateful.

  21. Farryl aka FoReal

    Even though I know bout some of these, your delivery is awesome Neil. Thanks for the tips man.


    Thank you for sharing. I have tried to make money with affiliate marketing for maybe 10 years,and made very little money. So for me it is not easy

  23. shubham paswan

    awesome advice thanx sir 😊

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