$0-40k Job in Digital Marketing in 3 months [Google Specialist 1018]

Gabriel was working in landscaping when he decided enough was enough. He took a leap of faith and changed careers to digital marketing. Click to find out how.

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59 Replies to “$0-40k Job in Digital Marketing in 3 months [Google Specialist 1018]”


    *Check out the course: ***
    *I’m releasing a follow-up with Gabe in the next few weeks because we filmed this episode almost a year ago. To get the follow up sign up for my mailing list: ***

    1. The Iron Pill

      So, he’s got a major but you never mention what it is, nor to what degree that major helped him get the job.


    Gabe’s LinkedIN if you want to ask him questions:

  3. ak47ava .dman

    Good shit


      Real good


    If you are thinking about getting the course do it. I myself am 8 month into my DM job at a clinic and loving it so far


      Would love to bring you on the channel. My email is on my about tab

    2. Erica Woods

      That’s awesome!

  5. Shaik mohammed Abdullah


  6. Pele Kama


  7. Krystian W

    Very inspiring! I took a similar path many years ago. No regrets.

  8. Randomly Oni C

    I am so glad someone shared your channel with me. I just love seeing people create their own opportunities and go after what they want! Definitely so inspiring! Keep the vids coming man!


      They’ll keep coming for sure!

  9. Bryceton LeFlore

    Hey im not getting paid by these guys. I took the course and learned a lot within a month I got a freelance job for 1200 a month working remotely its not so much but I can travel and live a very interesting life.


      That’s awesome Bryceton! You made your own definition of success happen. Hit us up if you ever want to do a testimonial

    2. Erica Woods

      That’s awesome! Do you have any pointers? I took the course back in December and the only thing I could manage to get was an internship in Social Media, which isn’t really what I wanted to get into in digital marketing. Any advice you have would be great!

    3. Bryceton LeFlore

      Erica Woods I look more at the freelance and business owner side of things. I actually think it may be harder to get a job than do it freelance also. I got this job on upwork.

      So what I recommend is
      1. Building a good upwork profile for your skills

      2. Making a video selling your services and different skills

      3. Either using your own portfolio or ( using another upwork freelancers portfolio)

      4. Sending out proposal videos at mass on upwork. Do this sooner or later you can get a freelance gig its can be competive and sometimes they undercut you so I’m moving away from upwork but stay at it and its a good way to start. You may get discouraged by upwork but give it time it works

      Tell me if you have any questions?

  10. John Smith

    Data Marketing or Data Science?


      Digital marketing!

    2. 800mEric

      Try an internship to see what you’re willing to work in with what’s entailed with those careers. Both will make you good money though.

    3. Vibhu Srivatsa Iyer

      Doesn’t data science have a higher earning potetnial?


      Both are really in demand careers but digital marketing is just much more accessible for everyday people.

  11. MaximumEfficiency

    great job but when do you expect a bubble in digital marketing?


      well considering colleges don’t teach it, I think it’s going to be a while 🙂

    2. MaximumEfficiency

      thanks, I see a lot of people jumping in thse courses


      What sets our course apart is that it’s catered toward getting the students jobs, while other courses are focused on helping entrepreneurs grow their business

    4. 800mEric

      MaximumEfficiency there’s a difference between someone who can set up a campaign to someone who can manage and improve an AdWords account. Things will get automated while more people come in but they’ll always be space for those that are strategists that understand how to meet a client’s goal. Besides most don’t understand how to break into this industry let alone get good results for clients.

    5. waldo mack

      Eh….some are starting though


    *Check out our photo album of 50+ testimonials: ***

  13. Ajay YAdav

    Can i do it from my country Nepal or not please help me out


      We get people jobs in India but not sure about Nepal

  14. Anita Barneycastle


  15. Jake Walker

    Think you could make a video on how college students could make a little money via passive income online. Right now just having an extra $200 a week coming in every week would really help on top of a part time job. If you have any ideas that would be great. Would be good it it didn’t require a high level of skill at the starting point e.g. starting an online course, programming and app/website ect.


      Driving for uber or lyft is the easiest way. Building courses or websites is not an efficient way to earn money for years

    2. Jake Walker

      Only problem is I am 18 and in my country to need to be 21 to drive for these companies.

  16. KH9078

    Is 40k supposed to mean a lot


      Going to release an update of where he is now through email. It’s not about getting him a $40k, it’s about getting him a career with potential in just a couple of months

    2. waldo mack

      40K is starting.

    3. FlushedFriendd

      It depends where you live for instance, if you live in California 40k is nothing unless you’re making 40k per month.

  17. inChinaXP

    Congratulations mate! 🙂

  18. Ali Pardhan

    so he was doing Landscaping for 0k a year?


      He didn’t know a thing about digital marketing and in 3 months we got him a job with a inexpensive online course

  19. old worm

    I’m just waiting for my paid check , so I can start the course


      Keep in touch. Want to make sure you get a job from it

    2. old worm

      ENGINEERED TRUTH sure will

  20. LunaBellaRosa

    That is beyond amazing! Thank you for motivating others to pursue a tech field. Learning of many fields in my career class, would it be possible if I can send questions your way about your professional journey? I truly admire how you broke away and began a career based off what you already loved. Thank you in advance.


      I invite you to ask the questions in my Facebook group: Facebook.com/groups/Engineeredtruth

    2. LunaBellaRosa

      Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  21. Andrew Tran

    Are these potential jobs available to be worked remotely?


      Tons. Check out the playlist of testimonials on my channel page

  22. Crypto Chan

    that’s a really good salary in kansas. he would be considered rich. Homes there and standard of living there are low.

  23. CodeIsGrit

    Seth’s link is not working…. some ssl click bate think stoping me and then some.

  24. J Lee

    I should give this course a try. Some people who believes they are stuck working at retail for life, I believe I can make a big change.


      I believe you can make the change too

  25. Natalie Stewart

    Can this be done as a second source of income additional to working a full time job?


      Yes, you’ll have to get your own local clients and probably need real experience first

  26. Rules of money

    40k is just around 20 per hour fuck no I’ll die, is a good starting but no enough.

  27. Kyle Johnson

    Who thinks 40k per year is being paid well??

  28. janice lee

    been trying to learn about digital marketing threw AdWords and man its good but still feel like I do not know what they are talking about. I am a stay at home mom and want to work from home and be able to work and not need a babysitter and get back to being independent

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